I've talked a lot about my pregnancy and postpartum experience with my first pregnancy.  It wasn't the easiest pregnancy.  Being away from family or anyone who could relate resulted in feelings of isolation.  When I had my daughter, all of what I had dealt with over the past 9 months combined with changing hormones put me in a battle with postpartum depression and anxiety.

I can't really tell you what that whole experience was like.  I was so excited to have my girl, but so wanted to be around my closest loved ones to share the experience and hated that I couldn't make that happen.  I began to resent our current living situation and found myself longing for "home" in a way I hadn't since my freshmen year of college.  All that guilt and joy and happiness and sadness made that year one of the biggest and hardest emotional roller coasters of my life.

So why am I talking about all this?  Because when I was going through all that, I didn't know where to look or who to confide in.  I felt like those who hadn't gone through a similar experience wouldn't understand, because I was pregnant and I "should be happy", right?  I'd occasionally Google in hopes of finding support or encouragement, but I was consistently surprised by the "you're pregnant, so be happy" attitude.

All this to say, having a supportive and encouraging community during your pregnant and postpartum months is a huge deal, I'd say even vital.  (It takes a village, right?)  So when I found out about this new pregnancy app that puts such a focus on strong community for expecting moms, I thought of it as a game changer.

It's called Preggie and it's a space where moms, future moms, and women trying to conceive can chat, exchange advice, stories, and recipes, and encourage one another.

When I first took a look around the app, I saw posts from women ranging from "hey there's an extra 20% off baby clearance at Target 'til this Sunday!" (score) to "how long should I breastfeed?" to one from a moderator informing the community that a Preggie mom lost her baby hours after he was born and to please send support and love.  People offered thanks, support, encouragement, and condolences.  The community is a tight-knit sort of community.

With an open community comes conflict every now and then.  When dealing with social media and varying opinions, negativity is inevitable.  One of the strongest aspects of the app is their moderation. There is live moderation to ensure the community stays respectful and to tend to any problems that do arise.

You're able to find other moms in your area which presents the opportunity for meet-ups and play dates and building friendships.  You're able to share toddler-friendly recipes or cravings for that matter.  But most importantly, you're able to login knowing you're not alone in the wonderfully challenging life of motherhood.

Even though this pregnancy is different than my last, I'm sure happy to have a place where I can go to talk with other moms.

You're able to download the app here:

This post was sponsored by Preggie.


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