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First trimester third time around

Well, I just read my 12 week update from when I was pregnant with Archer, and I have to admit I kind of hate that Kaitlin. No vomiting? No aversion to coffee? I guess it really is true what they say about being pregnant with boys. (I've got big bets this next Lochner is a girl.) This first trimester has

Despite already having gone through two pregnancies, pregnancy still amazes me. I was sick from the beginning. Once I hit 4 weeks and a couple days, I had a headache, nausea and barely could eat for a straight week. Even too bright of light or too loud of sound would send me for the nearest vomiting-safe zone. I wore sunglasses inside, sweatpants—I honestly looked like a pissed off sorority girl fighting a bad hangover. Those early days freaked me out that the first 12 weeks were going to be spent running for the toilet. But the feeling lessened as I neared 6 weeks, which was good because my kids could only be babysat by the TV for so long. Coming out of the 6-8 we…

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