They're getting bigger

Since my kids' recent growth spurts have yielded more independence (and, yet more dependability), less napping, more activities, etc., I've had less time to set aside for my own personal creative outlets. I've reached a point where it seems if I want to set some time aside for personal projects, I need to send the kids to daycare. So, my blog, YT channel, have been quiet—I've been all mom all the time as of late, which has been perfectly fine as I have realized the little ones truly do grow up in a blink. Honestly, Ella's practically a mini-teenager.

Here's a peek of what's been going on lately in our Lochner Life:

These 2 are 2 peas in a pod, attached at the hip, and any other sort of expression that describes 2 tiny people who simultaneously can't get enough of each other and can't stand each other. 

Say, "we're little hams and shouldn't be on the toy cubby!"

Snow and snow and snow for days. So far, all Lochners are completely in love with the snow which I consider to be a parenting accomplishment.

When you live that apartment life, you gotta get creative.

If you don't like the snow, I don't think we can be friends.

Making Valentine's decorations!

Awww. Daddy got Ella roses for Valentine's Day. 

Don't worry. We didn't forget about Paczki Day around here! Lemon and powdered sugar. Mmmmm.

It's always a party when we're hanging out with Bridgy—grocery shopping with the fun cart and chocolate milks!

A couple months ago, Tim and I picked up the habit of saying a rosary together before we go to bed. Sometimes we have company.


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