My name is Kate (or Kaitlin) - wife, mother of 2, writer, and cookie addict. I write about my journey
through young and new motherhood and the joys (and challenges) of raising a family.  Most passionate about living my most authentic life, I also write about my lifelong battle with anxiety and some growing pains I've faced over the years.  This space has helped me to grow and I appreciate you sharing your time with me.

There are some weird and random things about me like I used to believe chipmunks grew up to be squirrels and I have a huge man crush on Michael Strahan.  Styling, baking, watching excellent TV shows and reading are a few passions of mine, but nothing means more to me than raising a strong and united family.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you'll stay a while.

This is what I call #TeamLochner.  My best friend, my partner, my number 1 fan, my husband.
Wedding day fun on a baseball diamond.  
Our first born, Ella at 3 months.  I live for her laugh.
Sunglasses - a necessity in the Lochner household.

Daddy daughter.
Archer, our first boy and littlest one.

There's no love like a sibling love.

My crazy bunch.


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