Monday, March 30, 2015

A weekend in air and space

Since I found out I was pregnant, my writing schedule has been off.  I'm at the I'm-so-tired-I-could-nap-on-cement phase of the first trimester, so there have been some days where I napped instead of writing during my free-time.

But!  I'd like to think I'm a dedicated blogger at my core, so I'll continue posting as regularly as I can. All that being said, let's talk weekend, shall we?

We announced we are expecting - as our good friend would say - "Lochner Baby the Sequel".  The little one is due to arrive in November.  We announced early.  I'm barely six weeks along.  Going through the whole process once before, I know it's recommended to wait until the 12-week-mark to tell the world.  For whatever reason, that notion didn't sit right with me.  Maybe already having one kid and seeing what this vague idea of pregnancy actually means, I felt no reason to not share the news. No matter what happens, this life is real and growing and happening whether at 4 weeks or 12 weeks. 

Aside from talking to family and friends about the new little one, we cleaned and packed and ran errands on Saturday.  We learned we got the town home we were hoping to, so we're in the final weeks of prepping for life in Washington.

After the craziness of Saturday, Sunday was reserved for our family.  We took a family date to the Air and Space Museum at Balboa Park (a place my husband has been wanting to visit).  Tim went in some flight simulator, Ella and I sat in a helicopter.  We took a picture on the moon.  It was a cute family date.  And of course, you can never go wrong walking around Balboa Park on a sunny, Sunday afternoon.  

Sunday ended with Palm Sunday Mass - the beginning of Holy Week.  Holy week is one of my favorite times of the year.  It's all about the beauty and sacrifice in suffering and redemption and the joy and wonder in the resurrection.  

So here we are.  Another week, but certainly not an ordinary one.  Here's to a wonderful Holy Week.

As creative as I get when it comes to pregnancy announcements.  

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Friendship and vulnerability

In my Monday post, I briefly talked about this month's article club meeting.  The 6 of us ladies met and discussed an article on why it's important to court your friends.  Twenty-something girls talking about friendship can get real personal real fast.  We've all had our fair share of let down's and awkward encounters.  We started talking about our old friendships, our personalities, how it's often hard to make new friends in your mid-20s.  And then, the conversation went further, deeper.  We talked about events, struggles, parts of our paths in our lives that have made us who we are.  The parts that are hard to share, the parts that we only share with people who we know will safely carry that part with them.

I'm not sure I've ever had a night quite like that one.  If I have, I can count them on one hand. Ironically, the article was about courting friends, and the most attractive qualities I find in a friend were brought out in each of us that night - vulnerability, authenticity.

This night made me a little extra sad about moving next month, but I know that after spending the evening with them, I could call any one of them or text them or write them a letter from WA (as they could do to me) and it'd feel like we wouldn't be separated by anything but state lines.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Casual Sunday

My "I'm-going-to-make-it-modeling-poses".

You wouldn't know Ella was screaming and laughing in the background.  But that's what the scene looked like in real life - a lady walking by with a walk-man and accompanied by her dog as well. Casual Sundays are the best, aren't they?  They're spent with family at the park and eating your weight in Nutella crepes.  Or is that just us?  No matter where our Sunday went, I knew when I put this cardigan on, it was going to be a great day.

Sunnies :: American Eagle
Shorts :: American Eagle
Tee :: Old Navy
Cardigan :: American Eagle
Shoes :: Target

Monday, March 23, 2015

What a weekend

This weekend was a great one.  It was so great that I forgot to get any pictures from Saturday.  Which is unfortunate, because Saturday was the most eventful.  We packed and organized for a majority of the day until our good friends came over with dinner.  We caught up and ate egg rolls.  Later, the dudes left, more ladies came over and we had article club.  Those few hours were probably some of the most poignant I've ever spent with friends.  We discussed an article on courting your friends and why it matters. And the conversation got real personal.  To see a group of girls feel safe and comfortable enough to be open and vulnerable was a profound thing to witness.  I know a setting like that is rare, so you can bet I went into Mass on Sunday thanking God for Saturday evening.  

Happy Monday.  I hope you have a great one.

Love her.

Swinging is for grown ups, too.

Ella discovers a tunnel.

Swinging is for babies, too.

"Like I can go down the slide by myself...ha!"


Taking in God's creation. 

A sign on the baseball field.  Love. it.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Get happy

It's been a week.  A week of packing, the water being turned off unexpectedly, and putting the laundry off one too many days.  So I wanted to end this week on a light and happy note.  Today is International Day of Happiness so what better way to close out the week with a happy list?  Here are some things that make my smile: 

At the top of the lists?  Fridays.

The color Fuschia
Face masks
The Midwest in the Springtime
The sun beating on my face
Crisp, cool air
Ella's dancing
Lavender roses
Black and white pictures
New magazines
Robin Wright's style
New blooms
The perfect first pancake
Carido (in the morning)
Sam Smith and John Legend duos
New slippers
Gratitude journals

What made me smile this week: 

Getting silly in Whole Foods.  (The guy behind us was not pleased.)
Gettin' silly at dinner.
Practicing gratitude.  #fightanxiety 
Time at the park.
Fresh blooms are good for the soul.
Life is now complete.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Share the ugly

If you follow any big blogger regularly, I'm sure you've read that post.  The post that explains they're real people with real feelings who don't always have perfectly fluffed throw pillows and sometimes spill their bowls of Cheerios on the floor.  They explain just because they share these perfectly refined, filtered, staged photos on Instagram it doesn't mean they are in fact people with unfolded laundry on their bedroom floors.  (They just kept that out of the shot.)

This whole notion of bloggers appearing perfect and polished 24/7 has always interested me. Because on one hand, I know that's not true.  They're human beings, some with kids, others with a few puppies.  None of them can simply look that good all the time.  It's just a fact.  But on the other hand, my logical thinking becomes clouded by always, always seeing those perfectly refined and polished pictures.  Yes, the ones where the mom is chasing her 2-year-old in Christian Louboutins.  (I mean, really?)

So I say, share the ugly.

We don't like to share the ugly for reasons I've mentioned before like seeming dramatic or we're just private people.  But if we only share the perfectly polished pictures, we will eventually be seen as less relate-able, less human, and inevitably be put on this pedestal labeled "perfection" by all who read or see our pictures and posts.

I get some people like to be private.  And some would think that sharing my anxiety disorder journey is over-sharing.  But if you're choosing to be a face on the Internet, you need to be human.  And being human encompasses it all - the polished, the unpolished, and the semi-polished.

It always saddens me when I come across those "tipping-point" posts from big-time bloggers. Because I can't imagine the burden of needing to feel perfect all the time or being told your life is perfect when it is in fact not.

It's freeing to let go of perfection, to acknowledge we're all human who go through the ups and downs.  And it's refreshing to see someone with perfectly lit selfies to once in a while say

hey I walked into a meeting with toilet paper on my shoe.

We've all be there, sister.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gettin' Beachy

I forgot how awkward it is to model an outfit in public.  You may be able to tell by these pictures, but I frequently busted into dance to take some of the edge off.  But we captured these shots of this casual beach outfit.  

I love pairing a skinny strap tank with a maxi skirt in the Summer.  It feels chic and effortless.  Since we went out to brunch and we had some errands to run, I added the bangle to give a more put-together and complete look.  Simple as that.  

When it's 95 degrees out, less is always more.        

Tank :: Kohl's
Maxi :: Target
Bangle :: Old Navy
Sunnies :: American Eagle 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend snapshots

I loved this weekend.  We spent it at the beach taking in the abnormally warm temps we've been having.  For the past year or so, I've hated the heat.  When I was pregnant, the sun and heat made me gag so I avoided it like the plague.  And during my initial postpartum phase, I didn't feel fully comfortable being out in shorts and tanks.  But I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again - the self who would walk around barefoot and would spend days out in the sun.  It felt freeing and refreshing to feel the sun on my face, the water on my feet, and the sand in between my toes.

It was a weekend I was incredibly grateful to be living in Southern California.

Here are some scenes from our weekend.  Have a great Monday.

La Jolla Cove.

Taking in the scenery.  Beautiful Saturday at La Jolla!

Babies in shopping carts.  Just can't get enough.
I was really into palm trees this weekend.
Del Mar beach.
Beach selfie!
Elle's bells.

Smile!  It's 95 degrees.

Daddy and Ella.

Closed out the weekend with confession and Mass.  Thanked God for His many blessings. 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Ella was here

Admittedly, I don't have much to say about this week.  I've spent most of my week on Craigslist.  I've questioned why people don't take down a listing when a house has been rented.  I saw a new therapist whom I love.  And I'm thrilled and grateful I found her.  Drank a lot of (decaf) coffee, ate too much banana bread.  You know, the usual.  I wish I had exciting ventures to report, but instead I'll leave you with a couple pictures of  "Ella was here".

See you Monday.