Get happy

It's been a week.  A week of packing, the water being turned off unexpectedly, and putting the laundry off one too many days.  So I wanted to end this week on a light and happy note.  Today is International Day of Happiness so what better way to close out the week with a happy list?  Here are some things that make my smile: 

At the top of the lists?  Fridays.

The color Fuschia
Face masks
The Midwest in the Springtime
The sun beating on my face
Crisp, cool air
Ella's dancing
Lavender roses
Black and white pictures
New magazines
Robin Wright's style
New blooms
The perfect first pancake
Carido (in the morning)
Sam Smith and John Legend duos
New slippers
Gratitude journals

What made me smile this week: 

Getting silly in Whole Foods.  (The guy behind us was not pleased.)
Gettin' silly at dinner.
Practicing gratitude.  #fightanxiety 
Time at the park.
Fresh blooms are good for the soul.
Life is now complete.


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