From the weekend

This weekend was all about breathing.  For weeks, our conversations have been filled with the "what ifs" and "pros/cons" of moving.  Detroit or Vancouver*.  Vancouver or Detroit.  Talks on finances, our goals, what's best for our family, what's best for work.  It's been exhausting.  But this last week, a decision was made and finalized.

And we could breathe.

Sure, the next step has its own "pros/cons" and "what ifs", but we have a time frame in sight.  So this weekend the conversation shifted.  We recalled the past year and a half, the sacrifices made, the hard work that paid off.

And we breathed.

Of course, this weekend was also full of brunching and House of Cards and taking in the rain.  Here are a few snapshots from our weekend.

*Vancouver, Washington


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