February favorites

One of my favorite things to do is find out who inspires some of the people who inspire me.  A while back I read that Anne Lamott is one of Amy Poehler's favorite authors on writing.  And seeing as how Amy is pretty hilarious, genius, and brilliant I assumed she had excellent taste.  I bought Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird on audible.  It's excellent.  My one reoccurring thought as I've listened to it is how was this not assigned as required reading in our college writing classes?  If you're a writer, I highly, highly recommend the read.  I'm a little over half way though, and I can't get enough.  She talks about fiction, non-fiction, the writing process, characters, plot, etc., etc., etc.  But she also hits on many lessons learned as a writer and as a human.  This would make a great gift for any of your writer friends.

I love Drew Barrymore.  I haven't always.  She was in a lot of Adam Sandler's movies and those were never really my thing.  But I've seen interviews with her here and there in recent months and I've just grown a huge woman crush on her.  I love her take on motherhood, womanhood, and being a wife. And when I saw this picture, I thought (once again) hell yes, Drew.  She ages most graciously.

I've had a broken relationship with bareMinerals since high school.  I've always left it for something showier, something newer, something trendier.  But I've recently found myself and became grounded in my makeup purchases.  This. stuff. is. excellent.  It's worth the money.  Provides excellent coverage.  And leaves your face looking refreshed and bright.  Sorry for all the past breakups, bareMinerals, I'm here to stay this time.

My husband took me out for a fancy night on the town for my birthday and I wanted to wear lipstick. But there's nothing worse than wearing lipstick and being nervous you're getting it all over your face as you eat your tiny, tiny short rib.  So I was hesitant.  I found this Matte Lipstick from Revlon and was unsure of the pigmentation.  But I got it and was impressed.  It has incredible color pay off and you can eat comfortably while wearing it.

I appreciated this article from the NYT.  It really resonated.  When you have student loans and bills and live in a state with a high cost of living, it's easy to become discouraged.  Trying to save money and maintain a healthy level of well, living can be a challenge as a college grad.  But this article puts money into perspective and stresses that money should be seen as a tool to achieve our goals.


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