A lesson in interior design

We just moved into a new place, and I'm finally making it a bit homey.  We didn't put the time or money into decorating our old place.  We knew we wouldn't be renewing our lease and our priority was building a savings.

But now we're getting settled, and we've learned our fate of being in San Diego for another year or 2. And, so far, we'd like to stay in this apartment until we move out of state.  And now that I'm staying at home with Ella, I want to make the place feel like home!

But interior design is so not my thing.  I walk into a blank canvas of an apartment and freak out at the idea of having to decorate it.  I also don't have patience.  I want to walk into 1 store, buy everything at once, and be done.  But furnishing an apartment, decorating an apartment is a process - a process I'm beginning to learn and appreciate.

Over the weekend, Tim and I went to Kohl's, because EVERYTHING was on sale (more than usual). We must have spent an hour in the home section.  This time consisted of me picking up a painting, putting it down, walking over to the candle section, and going back over to the painting I previously set down.

There was a lot of "Tim, do you like this?" and "Where could we put this?"

I walked out with a picture and a picture frame.  I of course questioned its place when we got home and hung it up, but I'm learning this is how a home becomes a home.  You buy, you place, you question. But eventually every painting, every frame will find its place.  And your space will become home.

White frames and pink flowers make kitchens brighter.


  1. Pretty!!!
    I think the best way to decorate a home is to buy what you love, not what "matches". If you love everything, it will have your love for it as the cohesive factor, and it will all work together to become "home".


    1. Agreed! Tim said that as well. With that outlook, decorating is now a little more fun and a little less overwhelming. :)


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