Be kind to yourself

My inspiration for writing today came from my morning coffee date with my husband.

I tend to be hard on myself.  (Don't worry, this isn't going to get awkward).  As humans, we all are at points, right?  For me, often times this mentality gets in the way of practicing self-love. (Okay, maybe it's just a tad awkward.)  I was reminded of this this morning during a conversation with my husband about finances.

This conversation reminded me that lately, I've been getting lost in life.  Diving head first into making our apartment feel like home, reworking finances, challenging myself with an intense 30 day workout. And these things have been getting in the way of taking some time for myself.  They've been getting in the way of recognizing little successes and accomplishments.  And I've found myself being a little harder on myself than usual.

This isn't a post about relationships or finances or some weird, overly personal post about my flaws.  It's simply a reminder to be kind to yourself.  It's a reminder to take yourself out of whatever problem you're facing or whatever situation you're dealing with and breathe.  Recognize you're good, you work hard, you do your best.

And then treat yourself.

What does this mean for me this weekend?  Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Good timing, Nordstrom, I could use a good splurge.

Have a happy Friday and


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