I love little journals.  What girl doesn't?  I got this one as a part of a Mother's Day gift from good friends.  I love this little thing.  It's always with me.  It has list upon list.  It's the perfect little size.  And it's super purrty.

I give you the WubbaNub.  Yes.  WubbaNub.  This little lamb is my daughter's best friend.  It's the only pacifier she'll take.  I'd highly recommend this pacifier for a couple reasons.  1) It's cute and you can't go wrong with cute.  2) It helps to teach your little one how to grab onto things.  The pacifier has fallen out of Ella's mouth, and she's managed to put it back in her mouth.

A few months back, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I stopped into this little boutique in Del Mar. One of those cutesy types where you could easily drop 75 bucks on Voluspa candles alone.  I had been looking for a cute "E" or "L" charm for a while and when I spotted this one I was sold.  I didn't pick it up during that trip, but when my husband took me to Del Mar for our anniversary I had to grab it.  I added the charm to a little necklace I had from Forever21.  Definitely my current favorite accessory.  


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