A taco twist

I meal plan.  Or I should say, I try to meal plan as much as I can.  It can be a pain at times, but it's the most cost effective way of buying groceries for the week.

I also plan simple meals.  As a new mom, I haven't figured out the whole spending time in the kitchen thing.  Simple + healthy = my go to.

But that can be boring, so I decided every Saturday I'll get out of my cooking comfort zone and make something new.  Last week, I made these fish tacos with cabbage slaw and lime crema (found on Pinterest, of course).  The only part of the original recipe I changed was the fish.  My husband was feeling beer-battered fish, and since Sprouts had a GF option, we went with beer-battered cod.

Delish.  Although, I would like to try the original fish recipe.  The spicy flavor would go great with the lime and cabbage slaw.

Light, easy, and perfect for summer.

More recipes to come!


  1. We do fish tacos with grilled tilapia all the time in the summer -- super easy in a George grill if you have one too (do it on the balcony if you have one so you don't stink the apartment up). YUM!!! Fish tacoooossss!!

  2. Yum! We can't wait to deck out our patio with a grill and furniture. You can't beat the smell of a grill in the summer!


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