First trimester third time around

Taken at 13 weeks, 4 days
Well, I just read my 12 week update from when I was pregnant with Archer, and I have to admit I kind of hate that Kaitlin. No vomiting? No aversion to coffee? I guess it really is true what they say about being pregnant with boys. (I've got big bets this next Lochner is a girl.) This first trimester has

Despite already having gone through two pregnancies, pregnancy still amazes me. I was sick from the beginning. Once I hit 4 weeks and a couple days, I had a headache, nausea and barely could eat for a straight week. Even too bright of light or too loud of sound would send me for the nearest vomiting-safe zone. I wore sunglasses inside, sweatpants—I honestly looked like a pissed off sorority girl fighting a bad hangover. Those early days freaked me out that the first 12 weeks were going to be spent running for the toilet. But the feeling lessened as I neared 6 weeks, which was good because my kids could only be babysat by the TV for so long. Coming out of the 6-8 week mark, I had good days and bad days with dry heaving and I literally began counting down the days till my second trimester.

And so here we are. This is the last week of my first trimester, so I'm recapping. Here we go.

How far along? 13 weeks, 3 days!
The baby is the size of a...pea pod (okay?)
Gender? We do not know yet, but like I said, girl.
Total weight gain/loss? Lost a pound from pre-pregnancy weight. Hm.
Exercise? LOL. Right. Daily family walks and chasing toddlers.
Stretch marks? Not as of yet.
Maternity clothes? Mostly.
Sleep? Mostly.
Food cravings? Anything gummy (especially swedish fish and gummy bears), Arnold Palmers, mashed potatoes, ham and cheddar cheese sandwiches, and pie. (I'd like to note I do not eat any of these things when I am not pregnant—I think I've had an Arnold Palmer once in my life.)
Aversions? Coffee (Cruel.)
Symptoms? Increasing anxiety and mood swings.
Movement? Not yet.
I back not hurting all the time.
I'm loving...the care I'm receiving from my doctors.
I'm looking forward to...finding out the sex.
Best moment of the week? Seeing the movement during the 12 week ultrasound. That is one active kid!
Words of wisdom? I've shared a bit that I'm struggling with the idea of gaining weight during this pregnancy since I'm starting off heavier this time around. It does bother me, but I've been telling myself over and over that to get my "body back", it is not always possible to have another baby.

Though I suffered antenatal depression while pregnant with Ella and Archer, I became the most discouraged during the first trimester of this pregnancy. There was much more demanded of me over the last 12 weeks than what was demanded of me when I was newly pregnant with my first two kids. From weaning off antidepressants to extensive testing to check for risk of another blood clot, I've had longer doctors' appointments, more medicine, and... there is trying to referee and love two growing feisty toddlers in between it all, make dinners and keep a house in order.

However, what is also different from my first two pregnancies is I'm unapologetically making time to take care of myself. I mentally 'plowed' through my first pregnancies with the little that I had. But I've got a hair appointment and prenatal massage on the books for my half-way point, an anniversary date and family vacation coming up and a list full of summer bucket list items. So bring on the second trimester!


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