Twelve week update

Baby at almost 12 weeks
I debated whether or not to document my pregnancy this time around.  Blogging was my job the last time I was pregnant, so my paycheck relied on documenting the pregnancy journey.  And after quickly discovering my pregnancy wasn't going to be an easy one, I found it difficult to put a genuine positive spin on what I was going through.  After I left my job, I forgot to archive those pregnancy posts for myself, so I lost all of my work.  So with all that to say, I've decided to go ahead and document this next journey so I will have it to remember.

This pregnancy (so far) is so much easier than when I was pregnant with Ella.  If I'm being perfectly honest, it's so far given me hope for having any future children.  With my last pregnancy, I felt like I couldn't step outside into the sun without reaching for a bag to heave into.  I would nearly collapse from low blood pressure.  Throwing up without warning and out of no where wasn't uncommon.  And getting out of bed and to work by 8:30-9AM every day felt like a daily miracle.  Granted, I'm only hitting the 13 week mark so who knows what's in my future.  But by week 12 last time around, I was already in the throws of everything previously mentioned.

This time around, I've had significantly less morning sickness, and I've learned to better handle it when it does come along.  (Ice cold anything helps to reign in that dry heaving sensation.)  During those first weeks, I had that unmistakable first trimester fatigue and hormonal mood swings, but my symptoms so far have been very different compared to the last time around.

I almost can't bring myself to write this because I hated reading anecdotes of women's easy pregnancies when I was pregnant last time. (Nothing like reading about that coveted glow while puking into a bag, am I right?)  But truth be told, this first trimester has been good.  And I'm beyond thankful for that since we've been packing and moving over the last couple months.  The biggest difference between this time and last is when I've started to show.  I felt like I didn't really start to show until I was nearly 20 weeks along last time.  This time?  I've already broken out some of my maternity clothes.  I guess that's what happens with your second kid.  Your body's been worked and stretched, so that bump appears a bit sooner.

I've been craving sweet and salty and didn't experience an aversion to coffee (Praise Jesus).  I'm also more accepting of all the changes.  That's not to say I don't experience those "feeling pregnant" days, but I know my body will do what it needs to grow this tiny human.  All I can do is try to eat my greens and dress my bump as best I can.

What am I most excited for?  To find out if it's a boy or a girl!


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