A Mother's day

I woke up to a hormonal mood swing on Mother's Day.  You know the type, right? Those pregnant ones you can't seem to shake?  I laid there thinking I'm supposed to be happy today.  I have so many reasons to jump out of bed singing.  But there wasn't singing or rejoicing of any sort.  It was more like, where is her pacifier?  Where did my shoes go?  Where's my sweater?  Ella, don't touch that. Ella, your food is coming.  Cry, whine, repeat.  It felt like an unwelcome Monday morning.

And then a turn of events.

I was having some sort of a hormone-driven breakdown about not being able to find my shoes (pregnancy does crazy things to you), when I decided to grab the nearest pair I could find so we could just get out the door.  And there it was.  The pacifier we had spent much of our morning looking for. Sitting right there in my boot.  I thought this is Mother's Day.  Another crazy day in the life of a family.  The chaos never stops not even for a day where there are cards and flowers and sweets involved.  

But that's why we celebrate, right?  We get up every day, sometimes with a smile and sometimes without, and we face whatever lies ahead with strength.  The lost pacifiers, the pre-breakfast breakdowns, the stepping on blocks in our bare feet, it's all a part of the motherhood package even on Mother's Day.  And it gives good reason to shower our moms and mom figures with all sorts of love on that Sunday in May.

My mood inevitably turned around.  We went out to Portland and had a little brunch, and we spent the afternoon exploring our new home.  We drove East which led us to gorgeous scenery and inviting look-outs.  We spent the afternoon together driving through the wooded, windy roads.  And I couldn't help but to love the view.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Here are some scenes from our weekend:

View of the sunset from the backyard of my brother-in-law's parents' house.
Mother's Day brunchin'.

Cape Horn


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