The long weekend

When we moved, we made a promise to ourselves that we would make an effort to explore our new home.  And that's just what we did this weekend.  Starting with Sunday.  I had been wanting to try this all gluten-free cafe in downtown Portland, so we packed up and headed into town.  I got a mildly-overpriced donut (totally worth it), Tim got a cinnamon roll, and Ella took turns eating both.

We walked around, chased Ella, and got excited about the street-side Target.

Bridge over the Columbia River. 
Coming from San Diego, everything around us seems low key.  I expected Downtown Portland to be a bit chaotic and super busy.  But it wasn't.  Sure, it felt like a downtown, but the streets weren't too crowded and we had no problem finding parking.  I'm so far lovin' the Portland vibes.

Yesterday, Memorial Day, we spent the morning at home and then ventured out for a walk and a cup of coffee.  Most of the local shops and cafes were closing by the time we got downtown which was totally cool 'cause we then discovered the cutest ice cream shop (that had gluten-free cones!)  It was cloudy and way too cold for ice cream, but that didn't stop me.  Obviously.

We closed out the weekend with a trip to the park, because that's what you do on long weekends.


  1. Nice! I visited the PNW for the 1st time just a few weeks ago. Love the green and the cooler temps and I got the same low-key vibe as SoCal. Best wishes in your new locale!


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