A candid moment

When I started writing again, I vowed to myself I'd keep it real.  To not just make this blog one, big, glorified highlight reel.  And to write about those days that (if I'm being completely honest) you just kind of want to flip off.

It's on days like these that I wish I could pick up a chill attitude and stay-positive spirit and say to all the little things that insist on making the day a bad one I won't let you affect my mood.  But, I'm human, so a day like this one consists of me stomping on that positive attitude and going to eat a donut.

I could go into why this day isn't a good day, but I have no reason to.  Because the reasons are small and petty and ultimately won't matter tomorrow morning.  But those small and petty things have been magnified by exhaustion, aches and pains, and a whiny, crying baby who lately has seemingly been touching my legs 24/7.  The exhaustion is from a move that I couldn't be more excited about.  The aches and pains are from a near 11-week-old, growing baby - an incredible blessing.  And that whiny, crying kid who can't keep her hands off my calfs?  She's the light of my world.

See?  No monumental reason for feeling like I want to hide in a hole for the rest of the day.  But I just kind of want to, anyway.  That's the thing, though, about stay-at-home-momhood or working-momhood or stay-at-home-dadhood. These days, they come.  Usually without warning.  We're usually unprepared.  We lose our temper for sometimes no reason, because we're tired, or stressed, or simply wanting five minutes to ourselves.  We may say a thing or two we don't mean - something we'll wake up tomorrow regretting.

These days, though, are part of the package.  Some days just kind of suck.  The beauty of a week, though, is that this day will end and a new one will begin.

Here's to acknowledging the bad days, developing some patience from them, and appreciating the good days all the more.


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