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Since we've moved, I've found myself getting lost in company or an outing or a moment more often.  I reach for my phone and pull up Instagram less.  I guess that's nice.  But as someone who always forgets to take pictures of the little moments I'd like to remember, I like to grab my phone and capture a shot of whatever fun that's happening.  I knew we were going to have a full day on Sunday, so I made sure to make a mental note to snap some pictures throughout the day.  So here are some scenes from Sunday as I forgot to take any pictures on Saturday.

Sunday morning brought to you by St. James Catholic Church and Mon Amie cafe.

We went to the local library here so the kiddos could run around and have some playtime.  The place was huge with a full play area for the kids upstairs.  Ella was thrilled. 

We spent the rest of the day tidying up and running errands before my in-laws came over and made dinner.  We feasted and played Scrabble.  I didn't come in last, so it was definitely a night to remember.


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