Mini beach getaway 2018

When Tim and I said "yes" to taking the kids on a 2-day getaway to the east side of the state we were hardly prepared for what our vacation had in store for us. Tim and I barely slept either night we were away. One night due to Tim coming down with a cold that resulted in a 3am pharmacy run and the second night due to Archie catching that cold and throwing up that evening's ice cream all over the room. We also encountered a 30 degree drop in temperatures—literally. It went from 96 degrees to 67 degrees, and this resulted in a (second) trip to Target to pick up sweatshirts for us and the kids. ('Cause who brings anything other than tank tops on a beach getaway?) Of course this was all following our first night out to dinner when Ella accidentally dropped a cup full of marinara sauce all over my front. You're welcome, restaurant for the show. (And really, I'm up for anything if it means getting to buy more clothes from Target. ;) See above outfit.)

All the craziness aside, our time away was wonderful because everyone was so happy. I was just so thrilled to be on a quiet beach front. Ella couldn't stop exclaiming that she loved "our new house" and since we were in a foreign place everything we did was an exciting adventure to the kids. You could tell they felt something special about being away, which made me realize the significance of family vacations. Come Saturday, Ella was sad to leave, but she was comforted when we assured her there would be more stays in hotels and days spent at the beach.

I also had a very real epiphany about parenthood while away. Despite having already knowing this, it hadn't quite come to life as this weekend when traveling with 2 toddlers. You can't let curve balls ruin an experience. And, in parenthood, it truly is about embracing the good, the bad, the gross, and the cold. If we fight against these inevitable happenings, we'll never enjoy...anything. 

Tim and I laughed as we got in the car to go home on Saturday. Picturing our beach tent nearly blow away was too much to handle. But as we pulled out onto the freeway, we saw a rainbow, solidifying the idea to get away as a family for a few days was a fine idea. 


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