24 week update

On Friday, I'll be 25 weeks pregnant.  Time is still flying by, and I appreciate that.  Right around the 6-7 month mark, pregnancy becomes a little less about that glow and a little more about the baby camping out on your bladder.  The mood starts to shift and you enter countdown mode.  I've been thankful for being around family and out-of-town visits, because I've been exponentially more active during this pregnancy, and that staying active has continued to make me feel good.  Though I'm currently happy with my weight gain, I'm starting to feel a lot heavier.  Carrying Ella up the stairs feels like the equivalent to an obstacle course challenge.  Cravings have been at a minimum and my appetite has remained normal, two major differences between this pregnancy and the last.  (So far) I do not cry if we don't have popcorn in the house when I look at 1AM, which has been a huge relief to both myself and my husband.

The biggest update is a medical one and one I won't get much into yet.  I'll save you all that pregnancy jargon, but we'll leave it at they're keeping an eye on some things internally, meaning I need to have regular ultrasounds.  All is fine with little dude, so no worries there, but depending on how some things turn out will determine if I can deliver normally or if I will have to deliver through C-section.  I'll write on this more as time progresses.  But this part of the update has been something my husband and I have had to pay special attention to as it's affected potential travel plans.

What am I most excited for?  October.  I'm not sure if it's because I saw my first pumpkin spice thing while out shopping yesterday.  Or because I'm counting down until The Walking Dead returns.  But I'm getting pumped for October 1st, one of my favorite days of the year.  I think adding some Fall clothes to my bump wardrobe will give me that extra oomph I need to get through the last month and half of pregnancy.


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