From the weekend

Yesterday we said goodbye to my best friend who was in town visiting this past week.  She spent the past 5 days with us.  It's always good to be reunited with a friend especially one who's been such a big part of your life for as long as you can remember.  When she arrived, it was, of course, like we had seen each other yesterday.  We spent our afternoons catching up and sharing stories of Michigan and Washington life, an at-home mom life, and an accountant's life.  Good eating and some-site seeing was involved.

The house is a bit quieter today.  It's back to business as usual, catching up on things that took the back burner over the past week.  But for now, here are (a lot) of pictures from our mini-vacay.

Experiencing a bit of Downtown Vancouver.  Good ice cream and picturesque sunsets.

Downtown Portland day!  We walked around the city, waited in line for some hyped VooDoo donuts, and capped off the day with some good pizza at a local pizza joint.

Zoo day!  We got the cousins together and took a trip to the zoo.  This lion and seeing the kiddos have a blast made the trip worth it.

We ended the week with a Sunday breakfast and morning stroll before we went to the airport.

Ella's going to miss her new buddy!


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