From the weekend

This was our weekend in between out-of-town visits.  Last weekend one of my best friends was in town, and this week we are expecting Tim's sister and parents.  So we made this weekend all about relaxation and family time.  We discovered a cutesy farmers market and I made donuts, and for us that's enough to call it a good weekend.

Running around on her own, books, and puzzles.  Three of this girl's favorite things.

Hubs and I were able to escape to the patio for a lunch date while Ella napped.  Two thumbs up.

The view from our patio.  It's been particularly beautiful lately.

This kid!  She usually helps me unload the dishwasher.  This time, she thought we were done, went and grabbed the soap, and tried to start the thing.  As a mom, this was a huge highlight.

Chai town!

Nothing says "happy Sunday morning" more than a fresh, homemade batch of doughnuts.  I did some experimenting with this recipe, and they turned out great!  Recipe coming this week.

We closed out the weekend by taking some time at Target registering for baby number two.  We didn't do this when I pregnant with Ella, and I have to say as we strolled the baby aisles, I felt like we had missed out on something.  It's not a big deal really, registering for a baby.  It's a pretty simple, uneventful thing.  But with the store manager coming to greet us with a "congratulations", this goodie bag, and the growing excitement Tim and I got from talking about what we want for our little guy made our afternoon all about the arrival of our little one.  And that made it a big deal.


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