From the weekend

This weekend was an emotional one for no other reason than hormones.  As my due date nears, I'm finishing up budgeting for and making a list of the last few things we need to buy, we're rearranging Ella's room, and planning out a play area for her, and organizing our lives as much as possible so everyone can be content come late November.  But when pregnant, simple tasks, for some reason can't just be simple tasks.  You're emotional and achy, so somewhere along the way tears start flowing.  And that's what happened this weekend.  One minute I was looking at the best glider I could get for the least amount of money and the next I was weeping over the possibility of having another 23 hours of back labor.  One minute I was reading Ella a story and the next I was weeping over the idea of saying goodbye to her and our family of three when we go to the hospital.  The good thing though about those prego hormones is they are at most times fleeting, so I was able to enjoy and soak up the weekend with my family.

Tim was in Seattle all day Saturday to meet up with some guys who were in town from work, so that left Ella and me at home for a ladies day.  She ended up taking a record long nap and going to bed early, so I did some serious relaxing and movie watching.

Sunday was all about hanging with my man and little girl.  We started off the day at our favorite coffee shop where Ella met some little friends.  This coffee shop has a kiddie area that happened to be full of kiddos Sunday morning.  Ella inched her way over, and they started sharing the toys and playing with Ella.  It was the sweetest.

The weather was stormy nearly all weekend, and it was beautiful.  Won't be long 'til I break out those Fall candles!

Beautiful stormy weather!
The baby bump is getting bigger!  

Gorgeous shot my hubby took going into Seattle.
Infamous gum wall.
Honey vanilla almond milk latte.  My love.


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