Sorry, baseboards

Well guys, I didn't clean the baseboards.  Or get rid of any moving boxes from the garage.  But I sold an air conditioner, made some banana bread, and was approached with a couple opportunities for the blog.  The latter (well, and the formers) I'm really excited about, but that meant some real time needed to be dedicated to get some work done this week.  And even with just a small change in my daily schedule, I needed to learn how to better balance my days.  I wrote more to-do lists than usual and had my planner glued to my side.  I loved it!  It was this week I was especially thankful for the opportunity to be at home with my family and pursue what I love.

As for this weekend, baseboards and boxes are still on my list.  As well as my nephew's 4th birthday party and a whole lot of errands in preparation for the upcoming out-of-town visits.

On a final note, thank you for continuing to stop by to read.  Or maybe if you just stumbled upon this page for the first time.  In that case, thanks for stopping by.  Your time is valuable, I appreciate you taking a few minutes to spend it with me.

Have a great weekend.  I'll be back Monday with a report on the dryer sheets/baseboards deal.

Here are some highlights:

Spending some quality time with my little one.  Catching a Disney classic.

Ella assisting daddy in decorating our place.

 Ready to roll with "Lamby Pie" and "Mr. Bear."  I always thought it'd be so cute to have a little one who loves stuffed animals!

I'm in love with this outdoor welcome mat.  Probably more than I should be.  But it brightens my day every time I get home.

You're never too old for rainbow sprinkles. 


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