Marriage and community

During the homily at our Michigan wedding celebration, the priest told our present friends and family to always push Tim and I closer together, to never push us a part -- that through trials or disagreements or tough times they were to always help us to run to each other, not away.

As he preached from the pulpit, passionately as this priest does, it stuck out to me that he brought the whole present congregation into his message for our mission as a married couple.  On some level, of course, I always knew friends' and family's support mattered when getting married, but his message hit another note.  One that almost put a responsibility on all of our loved ones to help us help each other.

Earlier this week, Tim and I celebrated our anniversary.  Two years.  As we went throughout the day receiving well wishes and texts and gifts, I couldn't help but to think of this priest's words and how his message has come to life in these two years.  We've been blessed with loved ones who have continually supported and encouraged us.  And though nearly all of them live across the country, and I haven't seen some of them since that day when that homily was given, we've felt their efforts to help us help each other.

I am we are thankful for them.  Their advice, acceptance, and thoughtfulness has made me a better wife to my husband, and Tim a better husband to me.  Marriage is not always easy, we know that. We're forever grateful for their support.

Here are some pictures from our anniversary:

Best gluten-free pasta I've ever had.

Ella's all about lasagna (just like her daddy).

Yes, we did get the gelato sundae.

Gorgeous summer night.

Another cool bridge.  This place has a lot of 'em.


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