From the weekend

Can we get a weekend to recover from the weekend?  That's my only thought going into Monday, which can't be a good sign.  But I have a to-do list and a strong cup of jo next to me.  So I'm basically unstoppable.

I hope you had a great weekend.  Here are some scenes from ours:

Ella having some serious water fun on the patio.  This brought me so much joy!  All last week I was feelin' like a sub par parent.   I had more on my plate than usual and wasn't sure if I was giving Ella the attention and playtime she needed.  But all it took was a mixing bowl, some water, and a hot day to brighten our Friday

We were greeted by rain Saturday morning which was incredibly refreshing for us and our grass. We've encountered a bit of irony since moving to Washington.  It's been an unusually hot Summer with little rain -- something we're used to coming from San Diego.  But we love that rainfall and those cooler temps!

My nephew at his 4th birthday party.  Kiddo birthday parties are so fun.  Aidyn was so excited for the day, it was the cutest.

His Jurassic World cake.  The coolest.

Ella, of course loved it.

A post-rainfall sky.

Our weekend pit stop at our favorite coffee shop.  Ella was pretty excited about getting her own pastry.

Capped off the weekend with a homemade Greek salad -- one of my favorite dishes.


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