4th of July Weekend

Let's talk about 4th of July in Vancouver, Washington.  It's crazy.  My experience with 4th of July festivities has been pretty typical.  There are usually local fireworks shows, the big city show, and the few folks who shoot fireworks on their street, so I was pretty taken back come Independence Day evening when all of the Southern Washington sky seemed to light up for hours.

We went to my brother-in-law's parents' house for the day where we of course ate BBQ, drank tea, and indulged in cherry pie (miss you, Michigan!)  Come evening, I figured we'd head over to some local golf course or park for fireworks.  But the plan was to watch fireworks from their backyard, because who needs to go to a show when you can see 3 mini-shows from your backyard?  People really go all out here, and lucky for us we got the best seats in the house!  Ella cried and cried at the start of the show, but she quickly warmed up to the lights in the sky which made this mamma happy.

When we got home past 11, people in our neighborhood were just getting started.  We heard those cracks, pops, and booms 'til about 1:30 in the morning.

Let freedom ring.

Ella lookin' super cute on a blanket.

Ella lookin' super cute in a swing.

At an antique shop.


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