22 week update

As of today, I'm 22 weeks and 4 days.  Here's an update!

Maternity clothes?  Of course, but I'm still managing to wear my maxi skirts and dresses and more loosely-fitting shirts.
Stretch marks?  You bet.  None on my stomach as of yet, but some appeared on my legs and hips.
Sleep?  Sleeping hasn't yet been a problem.  Woo!
Best moment of the week?  Finding some good, inexpensive clothes that made me feel good.
Miss anything?  Soft eggs.  This hasn't changed.  Soft poached eggs on avocado and toast in the morning are my favorite.
Cravings?  Lemonade!  I rarely ever drink lemonade.  But the other day I could have walked a mile for a good glass.
Anything making you queasy?  Not a lot.  Scrambled eggs in the morning sometimes set me off, but my nose is not as sensitive as it was when I was when I was pregnant with Ella.
Gender?  Boy!
Symptoms?  Round ligament pain, aches and pains here and there, that pulling and heaviness feeling in the stomach.  A good symptom?  My hair doesn't need to be washed nearly as often.  Thanks, hormones for being on my side with that one.
Most excited for?  Friday.  My oh-so-generous brother and sister-in-law are giving us our nephew's old furniture, and I'm excited to start getting the babes' room in order!

I have good days and tired days, but these pregnant months are going by so quickly. Having Ella around during this pregnancy has taken some of the the pressure off.  Instead of worries and "what if's", it's "Ella, say hi to the baby", and wondering how they'll interact with each other. When pregnant with Ella, I felt like I was constantly on edge, it's been refreshing to sit back and enjoy these months.  


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