A moment of rest

Yesterday is the third day in a row that I intended on cleaning the bathroom.  Ella and pregnancy had different plans for me this week.  Between chasing the little one around, ensuring we got some quality playtime in and the growing exhaustion from carrying around a stretching stomach, my cleaning supplies never made it out of the closet.

And it's made me feel a little crappy.  I mean, it's the bathroom.  Sure, it has two sinks, but I'm not conquering Everest or anything.

So today I woke up, sent Tim out for some caffeine, and started tidying up the place.  Dishwasher loaded, bed made, the usual.  I thought I'd put Ella down for her morning nap, maybe put on some Leon Bridges, and get my productivity on.  And as I leaned over for a diaper, I dislocated my knee, something that hasn't happened in a long while, but something that isn't unusual (sports and dance damage and all that).  I usually need a minute to pop it back in, but afterward my leg is left paralyzed, needs to be iced, and propped up.

As I sat there on the edge of the bed partially crying, partially laughing and undoubtedly looking like a hot mess, I had an "only human" moment if I've ever had one.  The whole week I've been pushing to keep going through the daily grind.  My body said, "chill", and I said "no, thanks."  And then I got a little, albeit painful, wake-up call from from old-knee-dearest informing me it was time to rest.

So I did.  I was in my pajamas for most of the day and had a bag of ice and big pillow as my companions.  I thought I'll get to the bathroom this weekend, and reflected on the all the highlights of my week (see below).

We push, we run, we hustle all in the name of being productive.  Every now and then we need to calm the storm and take a second to take care of ourselves.

A little evening frosty.  For some reason, when I'm pregnant, I crave things I used to eat when I was a kid.  I used to get these bad boys with my pops all the time during the Summer.  A fave for sure.

This little bug has been so good all week.  I felt so guilty I wasn't able to be on my top mom-game while I was couch-ridden letting my knee heal.  Thankfully, today is a new day and I can shower her with extra hugs and kisses.

Perusing the neighborhood on our morning walk.  Some of these streets hold gorgeous houses!  I've been taking notes for my dream home.

This is a picture from the 4th of July that I forgot to include in my July 4th post.  So clearly not a highlight from this week, but a highlight nonetheless.


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