A week of Toddlerhood

Ah, this week.   We've been all about getting settled into our routine again after Tim and Ella's trip to Alaska.  It seems this trip completely coincided with a growth spurt for Ella.  Our once calm and collected, little baby is turning into a vocal and occasionally testy toddler.  We've entered the world of tantrums, throwing things, and a little more clinginess.  I've given learning some patience a serious go this week, though at times I was not successful.  I've had my fair share of anxiety-induced, oh my God am I really cut out for this moments and I maybe anticipated my nightcap of dessert and Netflix a little too much.

But it's just another learning curve in the world of parenting.  Some weeks are weirder and harder than others.  Sometimes sleep is off, sometimes teething isn't easy, and we experience the growing pains together.  But every night we manage to find "Mr. Bear" and put our sweet girl in bed telling her we love her.

Let's not get carried away in parental emotions here, though.  This week had its moments, but it was a good week!  I saw Good Will Hunting for the first time (Um. Best movie ever?), I heard my (second) little one's heartbeat, there was never a lack of dessert in the house, and one of my best friends booked a flight to come out and visit this month.  All things to celebrate, if you ask me.

Have a great 4th.  I'll see you Monday.

Ella loves sitting in and on top of suitcases.

A blurry moment of happiness.

I got carried away during playtime.

Celebrate 100 degree temperatures with many ice cream cones.


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