Our new favorite coffee spot

Going out to get coffee is one of my favorite things to do.  In my daily world of little structure and running around chasing a little one, going out and grabbing a good cup of jo makes me feel human.  So when we moved, finding that irreplaceable go-to coffee shop was high on our list (as my husband is a big coffee guy, too).

Enter Thatcher's.

This place didn't appear when searching for local coffee shops or gluten-free friendly places.  Tim happened to come across it when he was looking at a Google Map search.  Admittedly, I had low expectations.  We had been to a few coffee shops since we moved that claimed to be gluten-free friendly, but weren't, were overpriced, or over-sweetened.

We got to Thatcher's and immediately loved it!

Here's why:

Gluten-free friendly:  They have a variety of gluten-free pastries that are decently priced and worth the money.  They're the type who know how to make a good gluten-free muffin not taste gluten-free. Some of their selection includes: banana bread, cookies, an almond muffin, and brownies.

Friendly service:  The ladies and dudes are nice.  And that matters at a coffee shop.

Kid friendly:  There are usually a ton of moms and babies when we go.  They have a little kid section with a kiddie table and a couple toys.  And every mom loves a good kiddie section.

Their sizing options:  I love that they offer an 8oz size.  I like to get coffee, but only a little!  Their smallest in iced is 12oz.

They're local.  Who doesn't love to support a local business?

Their quality:  They make some their syrups in house, so they're not overly sweet.  And they know how to add just the right amount of sweetener.

They have almond milk:  For those who have more than one allergy, this is the place to be.

Five stars in my book.  When dealing with food sensitives, going out for food in general tends to be a let down.  When you find that place where you can check your allergies at the door and know you're taken care of, it's a breath of fresh air.  They'll have my business as long as we live here.


  1. I also Love this coffee bar. Their service are very well and they are very friendly.I recommend to any coffee lover to visit this Coffee bar.


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