From the weekend

I have zero pictures from the weekend (well except this one), because this weekend was a little off. You know those weekends?  The ones you make big plans for and things don't work out for whatever reason?  Tim's in the middle of another transition at work which meant needing to get work done over the weekend.  We fit in errands when we could, but being out in the heat all day Sunday made this pregnant lady sick.

Thankfully, it had its highlights.  My newly married sister-in-law and her husband came over on Friday night for a visit.  I hadn't seen them since our wedding, so it was nice to catch up.  And then on Saturday, we went over to my brother and sister-in-law's place to watch the first Star Wars. Everyone has had enough over the fact that I haven't seen the series, so we're now making our way through the series.  All I have to say is seeing a young Harrison Ford was weird.

As for the week, we're gearing up for a round of out-of-state visits from friends and family.  One of my best friends will be coming out next week (!!) and right after she leaves, some of Tim's family will be here for most of August.  This means that this week I'll be doing things around the house that I've put off like getting boxes out of the garage and cleaning the baseboards.

We'll find out if Pinterest is correct in telling me that dryer sheets are the best way to clean baseboards.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Happy Monday.


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