From the weekend

We here in the Lochner Household are in the process of finding a new routine.  Over the past couple weeks, both kids have been reaching milestones.  Ella's made the transition out of her crib into a toddler bed, which has been a learning process for both her and Tim and I.  While in her crib, her sleeping schedule was near flawless (and we definitely took that for granted).  We did our nighttime routine, put her in her crib, and she slept for a good 10-12 solid hours.  Making the transition from crib to bed has made the nighttime routine more demanding.  She may get out of her bed, she often wakes up in the middle of the night, and wakes up far earlier than she used to.  Napping has also become a hit or miss. And as for Little A?  He is teething like it is his job.  Now having 2 kids, it's interesting to notice the differences between the two and to learn and understand how all kids really are different.  Teething didn't phase Ella.  But Archer started teething far earlier than Ella did.  And it's been difficult for him. His sheer screams of pain have dominated evenings and we've given Tylenol, teethers, cold rags, etc. And because of all this, Tim's and my individual routines have fallen off the rails.  But we're learning and accommodating, trying to gather ourselves and get into a new rhythm.  Mother's Day was made all the sweeter by this, too.  It was especially relaxing to put all aside and spend the day as a family.  Tim and the kids spoiled me, and I appreciated every second.

Our teething bud.

I managed to slip away for an hour on Saturday for confession and quiet time.  Even an hour away is totally rejuvenating.  

We spent part of Mother's Day finalizing plans for our upcoming trip to San Diego and LA.  Pretty stoked for that.

Always keep my hometown near and dear to my heart, but on Mother's Day especially I think about my loved ones back home.  There are so many people that have helped to mold my heart into a mother's.  Since becoming a mom, I'm in awe of them more than ever.


My squad.  Part crazy, totally sweet, and completely lovable.  Thanks so these munchskins for giving me the title of "mom."  Who knew sleep deprivation could be so enjoyable? 


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