Discovering Portland: The Grotto


On Sunday, we ventured outside of Vancouver and headed into Portland.  This was after I 'Googled' places to see in Portland.  We're not done being tourists in our own city yet!  The Grotto popped up on the must-see list, and it seemed like the perfect place to spend our leisurely Sunday before closing out our weekend with Mass.  We piled in the car, grabbed a latte, and drove down to one of the most beautiful places.  We walked around the massive outdoor shrine, and it was breathtaking.  It's 62 acres full of greenery and the tallest trees.  We took some time on the grounds, took some pictures (obviously) and set aside time to pray.  After, we discovered that there was an elevator that took you about 100 feet or so up to a whole other part of The Grotto.  So up we went.  Pictured directly above is the view right as you step out of the elevator.  Gorgeous, right?

Since we were outside, Ella was totally in love with her surroundings.  Her jumping in every little puddle along the path slowed us down a bit but served as a reminder of the grand beauty that lies in the simple joys.  Living in this part of the country is such a gift.  It seems like there's only a 10 minute drive that separates you from a hidden gem.  Everything is beautiful.  I'm beyond happy the PNW has its own chapter in our lives, and I can't wait to make this a regular vacation spot for our family!  But until then, while we're still here, we'll keep trying to unlock all the hidden treasures we can find.

(Vlog coming soon!)


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