A's 6 month update

Photo credit:  Francis & Louise.  Check out more of the beautiful work here
The cutest out of focus picture there ever was.
Archer is...6 months old.

One word to describe Archer is...sweet.

He's eating...all the time!  He's tried avocado, sweet potatoes, and pears.

He loves...shirts being pulled over his head, Thadius (his bear), food, jumping, watching his big sister jump, and babbling.

He has...two bottom front teeth and a lot of hair.

He's in...9-12 month clothing.

He sleeps...really well.  Two good naps during the day and 9-10 hours at night.

Our favorite thing about him is...his huge smiles.  When he smiles, it consumes his entire face, his two bottom teeth show and all hearts melt immediately.

(Check out Ella's 6 month update here.  Hilariously enough, she's in a tutu today.)


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