From the weekend

Introducing A to solids!  He's been having the rice cereal for a while now, so I wanted to try my hand at homemade baby food.  I gotta say, the process of making it by myself is no where near as demanding as I thought it would be.  The avocado?  Cut it up, smashed, and served.  The sweet potato?  Peeled, cut, cooked (while I worked out), cooled, blended, and served.  He's been devouring it!  Next up?  Pear!

I give the you vanilla cinnamon latte.  The best kind of latte I've had, my new favorite, and the very reason why cheat day exists.  Back to black coffee for the week!

Her current favorite treat is this banana bread from our favorite coffee shop.

On Sunday, we went out and discovered a beautiful place!  A post on that tomorrow.  It was the perfect place to spend a Sunday.

Happy Weekend! 


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