From the weekend

Well, I fell asleep on the couch watching a documentary on the Mackinac Bridge on Sunday.  This is in no way reflective of the productivity from this weekend.  But it is reflective of the weather.  This weekend was full of raindrops and sweatshirts, so inside we were.  This week is all about getting back into the swing of things.  We finally have a routine that involves rested parents.  Over the past month, things have...fallen to the wayside.  Laundry, deep cleans, workouts, etc.  Thankfully eating healthy was not one of those things.  So that's where you'll find me today - rag in hand, drowning in mismatched toddler socks and clean bedding.

Happy Monday.  May your coffee be strong and your weather be bright.

That moment when you take a picture with your kid not realizing there's spit up on their face.  But, it was cute anyway.

What I like to call chaos in the kitchen.  Making our favorite protein pancakes.   

Flowers that taught me a little lesson.  Tim ran out to the store to pick something up for me, came home, and asked me three times in ten minutes to run out to the car 'cause he forgot something.  Not going to lie, I was a liiiittle annoyed.  Gimme a sec!  I thought.  I went out and found these sitting in the front seat.  Yeah.  Oops.  I was so grateful.  I couldn't shake feeling totally bummed out that day, but leave it to my husband to make it better.


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