From the weekend

Oregon and Washington are beautiful places.  The more we go out and explore and settle into our new home, the more thankful I am we have the opportunity to live here for a time.  After game night, more Harry Potter movie watching, and cleaning, we took Sunday to go out and see some sites.  We headed into Oregon to Multnomah Falls.  The drive alone was beautiful.

On the way to Multnomah , we saw Horse Trail Falls.

And we made it!  From the bottom, it was beautiful, but we made our way to the first bridge outlook to take in the scenery.  The plan was to make our way to the top outlook, but preggers here didn't last long.  Ella and I chilled at the bottom while Tim made the hike to the top.


My hunky husband.

Tim took a post-four-mile-hike rest, we bought some fudge, and then headed back home over the border to Washington.  

The Bridge of the Gods
It sure was a happy Father's Day.  We can't wait to keep exploring this place.


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