Mom's staycay and baby's first plane ride

This weekend, Tim and Ella were in Alaska for my sister-in-law's wedding.  We couldn't financially swing the three of us going, but we thought it would be fun if Ella made the trip since she had yet to meet her Alaskan family.  From what I hear, the three days were full of all things wedding prep and celebrating.  I'm so happy she got to meet her aunts, uncles, cousins, and see her grandparents again!

With Tim and Ella gone, that meant mom staycay!  I binged-watched and binge-read.  I baked brownies and finally saw Sleeepless in Seattle.  I laid out in the sun, did my nails, and ate breakfast in bed.  I had no where to be, no nap time (except my own) to account for.  It was relaxing and refreshing, but by Sunday night I was ready for my little family to come home.

And they are!  Tired travelers, but they're home.  Arrived at 5:30 this morning, so needless to say they are catching up on some much-needed rest.  But later?  We're off to Portland to celebrate our anniversary! 

 Meeting cousins Odin and Arik!

All dressed up and ready to party.

Ella doing her I'm shy pose.

Laying out in the sun.  Total peace.

Some Blood Orange San Pellegrino while watching Orange is the New Black.

Brownies for breakfast.

Breakfast and a book.

So long, staycay.  You were wonderful.


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