Happy Father's Day!

I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Ella, I was a little freaked out.  We hadn't been married long, we were still figuring out our way as newlyweds, and roommates, and new hires, but I remember thinking not long after I saw those two pink lines that we were going to be okay.

That with Tim by my side, I was going to be okay.

Here we are, nearly two years into marriage, celebrating Tim's second Father's Day.  In these two years, through times of financial uncertainty, accomplishments, and struggles, I've never doubted our team.  And I have Tim to thank for that.

Everything he has done, down to forming independent studies in college, has equipped him to be the rock for our family.  All too often, his efforts go under-appreciated.  I get lost in the weekly grind of dishes, laundry, writing, bills, repeat that I sometimes forget to pause and give thanks for a man who willingly gets up in the middle of the night, makes bottles, changes onesies, and gives baths, who has a fierce dedication to his career but always makes time for the ones he loves most.

So I'm thankful for Sunday where everything will be set aside to celebrate Tim.  We're taking a break from the usual weekend routine to go out and explore some Washington scenery, to have some good BBQ, and to eat our weight in indulgent desserts.  And I'll pause and have Sunday act as a reminder to give thanks more often for a man who I couldn't be more thankful for Ella (and Lochner Baby 2.0) to call Dad.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads, granddads, step dads, father figures, and Godfathers!  What a blessing you all are.


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