18 week update

I'm continually fascinated by how different this pregnancy is from my last -- how it's harder in some ways, and easier in others.  I'm impressed by how fast time is flying by.  I seem to blink and my Bump App is once again alerting me that my baby grew a vegetable size.  I'm continually thankful that morning sickness has been kept at a minimum and being around family and staying busy has left me more active than when I was pregnant with Ella.

At my first doctor appointment, my doctor advised me to maintain a healthy weight gain (for my size) of 20-30 pounds, that my body isn't as kind with your second pregnancy.  I gained 35 with Ella, so I wasn't terribly worried, but I quickly learned my doctor was right.  When I was pregnant with Ella, the weight gain was gradual (and looked it), I didn't get stretch marks, and overall I seemed to hurt less.  With this pregnancy, I felt like I ballooned-up without even having the chance to eat too much ice cream, and I already have some stretch marks on my hips.  I've been having problems with my lower back and neck ever since I had Ella, which has made this pregnancy physically harder than my last.

We definitely have another little mover on our hands.  I've started to feel more movement this week, Weirdly, I haven't had many cravings, and the only smell that currently sends me running is that of scrambled eggs.

What am I most excited for?  The 20 week ultrasound.  We find out the gender, and we get to see how the little one is doing!


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