15 week update

15 weeks, 3 days
I'm feeling more and more pregnant these days.  Some days I have more energy than others, some days I'm feeling better than others, but overall this pregnancy is continuing to prove to be easier than the last.  It's clear that I'm entering the aches and pains phase of the nine months.  A knee hurting or a back ache isn't unusual come the end of the day, all normal and to be expected.  My sense of smell is constantly off.  I experienced this during my last pregnancy as well.  I'm not necessarily sensitive to random things like tuna or poultry, but it feels like everything smells all the time.  I'm already getting that what do I want to do with my hair after I have this kid feeling, and I'm getting incredibly anxious to find out if it's a boy or a girl.  We found out fairly early with Ella, this time we'll find out at the big 20 week ultrasound.  My biggest craving this week?  Popcorn.

Lesson learned?  Get fitted for a new bra.  Others may love it, but the whole bigger boobs thing during pregnancy is, I think, one of the more traumatizing aspects.  When I was pregnant with Ella, I attempted to measure, go out, and look for styles and fits that would work for me during the coming months, but I had the hardest time.  This time, I prepared.  I went to Victoria Secret, got measured, and asked for the best fit and style for me.  It was seamless and easy and I left feeling confident rather than gross.  There's a time for nursing bras and all that, but nine months is a long time.  A good-fitting, supportive bra is a must.

What I'm most excited for:  Being pregnant around the holidays.  When we found out I was expecting, I was really happy with the timing.  I liked the idea of the final months of pregnancy to be during the colder months, and for my second trimester to fall in the Summer.  But I'm most excited to prep for Christmas as well as a new baby.  Seems perfect.


  1. Just found your blog, thanks for being so honest and open. We seem to have a lot in common (anxiety, pregnancy experience, wanting to write). Sad to see you just moved out of SD as that's where I am!

    Hope this pregnancy keeps going a little better than the previous. I had hyperemisis last year when pregnant with my son and I'm crossing my fingers that if I get pregnant again, it will be a bit easier to handle since I have that experience. Being pregnant around the holidays sounds cozy! I had my son in November last year and having a snuggly newborn in December was really nice (although I'd find having a snuggly newborn at anytime is amazing). We dressed him in fleecy Christmas jammies!

    Random question - do you know your Myer's Briggs Type?

    Take care!


  2. Thanks for reading, Julie!

    That is a lot in common -- too bad we just missed each other. I can't even imagine having hyperemisis during pregnancy. You're one strong woman. Yeah! I'm so excited.

    I used to know it. But your question has made me want to take the test again. :)


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