A Star Trek weekend

This weekend was one of the more laid back ones we've had since we moved.  It started out on Friday night with our growing tradition of game night.  My in-laws came over, we all got way into Identity Crisis, ate a lot of candy, and watched our kiddos run around.  And then of course, brunch on Saturday.  We do meal planning around here, so after a week's worth of cooking our meals, we like a good breakfast out on Saturday.  I found this organic, healthy-looking place online, so we landed on what was called Mint Tea for our eats.  And man, was it earthy.  I'm all for clean eating and organic ingredients, but if I'm going to pay 12 dollars for GF waffles, they best taste damn good.  It was a fun experience, but the little place made me crave our favorite cafe back in San Diego.

Aside from the normal cleaning and shopping and relaxing, this was the weekend of Star Trek.  If you know me, you know the list of movies I've seen is very small.  (I'm a TV show girl.)  I haven't seen anything Star Trek, I barely knew what it was about.  But my husband wanted to watch 'em, so we did, and I liked them. I'll save my picks -- Still Alice and Selma for next weekend.

We closed out the weekend with Mass on Sunday and had ice cream for dinner.  And my only defense for the latter is it was hot and I'm pregnant.

I hope your weekend was a relaxing one.  Believe it or not, we still have a couple suitcases that need to be unpacked from our move.  So onto finishing up getting settled, paying bills, and creating June budgets.

Happy June 1st.

Cool table.
Buckwheat waffles with rosemary strawberry syrup.

Epic sandwich Tim made for dinner on Saturday.

Ella and her favorite thing of ours - keys.


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