Three ways to limit anxiety

In recent months, I've introduced new things into my routine to help limit my anxiety.  I thought I'd share the three things that have helped me most and have proven most effective.

Say goodbye to caffeine. 

This has been a hard one.  I love coffee for both the taste and the energy boost.  A pick-me-up isn't a pick-me-up without a good cup of jo.  For the past couple years, I've tried giving up coffee and switching to tea.  But I've always fallen off the bandwagon and ordered my trustee cap.  With my recent fight with anxiety, though, caffeine has simply become too much.  Which isn't surprising.  You read any article on how to reduce anxiety, the first thing it will tell you is to limit caffeine.  But hello! This does not mean you have to limit coffee.  A lot of people think decaf coffee is ridiculous (my husband being one of them), but if it helps you to limit the caffeine then opt for the decaf.  I will never count coffee fully out of my diet, but getting rid of caffeine has helped tremendously in limiting my anxiety.

Get a Magnesium supplement*

I fall right in the middle between the whole western vs. eastern medicine debate.  I actually find it incredibly frustrating that it's an either/or sort of matter.  I've found there are quacks on both sides of the spectrum and if you do your research, find an invested doctor, and use the best of both worlds, it's the way to go.  I only say this because in suggesting a magnesium supplement one might gather I've tried fighting anxiety with a pure holistic approach which isn't the case.  I've found the best way to tackle a problem like anxiety is to tackle it from all angles.  And by that I mean, see a therapist, take advantage of massage therapy, yoga, chiropractics, and essential oils, and see an MD for a low dosage of anxiety-treating medication.  And with that, I've added a magnesium supplement to my routine.  Magnesium is excellent for the nervous system and naturally relaxes muscles and calms nerves.  I did the research, checked with my MD (who thought it was a great idea) and it's been hugely beneficial.

Do more yoga.

This statement, do more yoga, has basically become my mantra in life.  I've been told by more than one doctor to do yoga, but honestly yoga is freaking intimidating.  It's way harder than it looks and I've never considered myself to be of the "zen type".  In recent months, though, I've been open to trying it and I love it.  Since the exercise is so focused on your breathing, it gets the oxygen really flowing and works to refocus and center your mind.  Since you're not sprinting on a treadmill, you don't immediately feel like you're burning calories, but it doesn't take long before you feel an intense burn.  Yoga doesn't have to get weird.  I know there are many different ways people practice yoga and there are many exercises available.  I've just been doing a straightforward and simple workout that my best friend sent me and it's been great.

*Check with your doctor before starting any supplements or new workouts.


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