The weekend of the suit coat

This weekend was a great weekend and a not-so-great weekend.  Tim got off work exceptionally early on Saturday which was a real treat.  Me?  I wasn't feelin' my best, so the couch and my fluffy, white robe were my trusty companions.  As they say, though, fresh air is good for the soul, so we went out when we could.

And so the hunt for the suit jacket began.

Tim and I have had quite the minimalist wardrobe for...a while.  Between old clothes and post-pregnancy sizes, we've both needed to do some updating.  For Tim, this involved a suit jacket.  We headed to our local Banana Republic Outlet, and they didn't have his size.  They called one north in Carlsbad.  They had it!

Or so we thought.  We drove to Carlsbad to an incredible outlet mall, found the Banana Republic, and they didn't have it.

It turned out to be one of those days.  Our attempt at a good day was trying to be ruined by all those little things that weren't going our way.  We turned it on its head, grabbed a bite, and enjoyed the sunset on the way home.

On Sunday, I relaxed when I could.  I'm still doing the doctor-tests-specialists dance, so I haven't been feeling up to much.  But since Sunday is for the family, we made a short trip the park for a little swing-time and sunshine.  Later, I broke out some fresh blueberries and lemons and made some bread.

Recipe coming soon!

Happy Monday.


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