Small victories matter

Walking buddy.

Yesterday, I took a longer than usual walk with Ella.  To most people, this would be a mundane, ordinary task that wouldn't be given a second thought.  But for me, it's a big deal.  Usually ridden with anxiety, I tend to avoid long walks and long periods of time out by myself in places I'm not totally comfortable with. 

One of my Lenten challenges is to push the boundaries of my comfort zones specifically pertaining to anxiety.

Enter.  Longer walks.

It seems like nothing - an extra 15 minutes of being away from your safe haven, no big deal.

Small victories seem like nothing.  They seem like a drop in a massive bucket in the middle of a drought, but they are something.  They're more than that.  They're a big deal.  Because once you've got the mometum behind you in pushing yourself to reach all those little victories, you'll one day find yourself in front of the big victory.  The victory where all your work and efforts culminate into one giant pay off.

One longer walk at a time. 


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