Birthday throwback

Barbie cake.  I was seven.  And it was a dream.

I'm turning 25 next week, and in the spirit of throwback Thursday, I thought I'd look back at some past birthdays.

A favorite gift?  First one that comes to mind is a playlist one of best friends created for me.  I had been bugging him for months to get a Spotify account so I could follow his playlists.  (He has excellent taste in music.)  For my birthday a couple years ago he made a "Happy Birthday" playlist full of greatness and shared it with me on Spotify.  It was a simple gift, but incredibly thoughtful, and I cried when I played it.

Favorite memory?  When my entire family went up to my grandparents' condo for a skiing trip, and I got to celebrate my birthday in one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people.  I was little.  It's one of my earliest memories of a birthday, but one of the best.

Age where you actually felt older? Seventeen.   A lot of responsibility came with that year - full-time job, online school, etc.

Favorite birthday tradition?  Every year my grandma would call me in the morning and sing "Happy Birthday" to me over the phone.  I have a phobia of people singing "Happy Birthday" to me, but with her it never mattered.  I always waited for the call and she never forgot.

Birthday cake?  Chocolate on chocolate with a side of chocolate drenched in chocolate. Or marble cake with chocolate frosting.  Or any cake, really.  I don't discriminate.

Celebrate in or out?  I'm very much bbq-in-the-backyard-type when it comes to parties.  In.

Birthday wish?  For all my loved ones to be in the same state.  And a jet ski.  These are wishes, right?

Most significant birthday? My 16th.  A few of my friends got together and planned a fancy sit-down dinner.  They all surprised me with a ring from Tiffany's.  And it was, of course, complete with my super cute crush who gave me flowers.  It's my absolute favorite birthday memory.  Everyone was so sweet and generous.

Looking forward to most about next birthday?  Just being in 25-year-old territory.  Twenty-five sounds like an age where you've got it all together and learn a lot at the same time.


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