The week of home accents

Threshold lamp.
Threshold area rug.

Since graduating college, Tim and I have had a collection of random furniture and pieces in our apartment.  The different sized IKEA dressers, the Sears Outlet couch, the Target lamps that my dear friend and roommate left in my room with a note saying, "thought you'd need these"on them.  (She was right.)

The mismatched collection has left our space always feeling a little off, a little incomplete, and not like a home.

We know we won't be in this apartment forever, but we've been slowly replacing and collecting a few new pieces and accents to make our little place feel more like a working adults living quarters and a little less like a college rummage sale.

This past weekend we collected a few more pieces.  A lamp, an area rug, some cute, fake succulents. Though our dream house consists of all things crisp, white, gray and reclaimed wood, these pieces have done a lot for our space. Put more color into our lives (and living rooms) and made our temporary home feel not so temporary. 


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