The long weekend

I'm a day late.  But today is technically Monday, right?  So we're cool.

The weekend kicked off with Valentine's Day.  It was the first time we had dropped Ella off with a babysitter (who wasn't family) and went out for the evening.  She cried and cried when we left, but all was well shortly after when we received a video of Ella having a blast laughing with their tiny, tiny puppy.

Mission accomplished.

Turns out my birthday is going to be a bit of a fancy affair (I don't know what's happening yet) so Tim took me out to look for a birthday dress for our Valentine's date.  I found one, we ate pizza, we ate sweets, and got coffee.  It was the best evening.

We returned to the babysitter's to find Ella passed out with Pocahontas on in the background. 

Everyone had a great evening.

I'll leave you with many captured moments from the weekend.  Have a great Monday Tuesday.

Best Valentine's

Le dessert.

Post-Valentine's pancakes.  (Recipe coming soon!)

"Okay, mom. I'll smile for one more picture..."

This is how Ella gives kisses - opens her mouth and leans in.  The cutest.

Drool aftermath.

Picked up some home accent pieces from Homegoods. (Post coming soon!)
Gettin' artsy fartsy on the way home from an appointment.
'Til next time, weekend.


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