What I've learned Wednesday

I'm typically one to shy away from alliteration.  Every time I think of a title like, well, like What I've learned Wednesday, I hear the irate Toby Ziegler tell the young Will Bailey:

"you're alliteration happy!"
(West Wing, anyone?)

 But for whatever reason, I couldn't shake the inkling of wanting to start a series called What I've learned Wednesday (Sorry, Toby) in which I'll share with you lessons I've learned during my short (almost) 25 years on this planet.

Since more life is thrown at me daily, I hope to never run out of lessons to share with you.  So here's the first out of what I hope to be many:

Sometimes all you can do isn't enough.

Recently, I shared what has become the beginning of my journey in battling anxiety.  I talked about how my lifelong battle took a turn for the worst after I had my baby.  For the longest time, I tried tackling it own my own.  Thinking I had dealt with anxiety for years, I thought it wasn't a real problem, that everyone suffers from anxiety.  And if I just bought a couple more lavender scented candles, that maybe the problem would go away.  Breathing exercises, the "just say yes" mentality, meditating, stretching, nothing could reign in what was becoming a debilitating problem.  

In realizing I had a bigger responsibility to care for myself now that I have to care for a little one, I decided to suck up my "it's embarrassing" feelings and told the doctor about my family history and my symptoms.  

The diagnosis?  A little medicine and a little therapy.  As a 24-year-old, new mom and recently married, that was pretty scary to hear.  A)  I don't like to pop pills for really anything and B) therapy? But doesn't that make me some sort of... weirdo?

Here's the deal.  Everyone has their stuff.  Everyone has a thing that they have dealt with or are currently dealing with.  The sooner one comes to terms with a problem and starts to fix it, the sooner you're free to really live.

And if that means therapy, there's no reason to feel ashamed.  I know there's a stigma around mental illness which is heartbreaking beyond words.  I've witnessed years lost and relationships ruined due to untreated mental illness.

As terrifying as it can be, break down your walls and reach out, ask for help, and be open to healing.

Because sometimes you need more than just you.


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